For Farmers: Order Custom Cookbooks

We create customized cookbooks for farmers who want to help their customers create simple, healthy, and flavorful meals with the best possible produce: fresh from your farm!

Our customized cookbooks are designed to help your customers best enjoy your produce. We create recipes that feature the foods your farm grows and offer cooking tips to promote the best flavors that you worked so hard to cultivate in the field.

The Farmer's Kitchen: Now available!

The Farmer's Kitchen: The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Your CSA and Farmers' Market Foods is now available for retail sale by clicking here.

Farmers' markets and CSAs have become the new best place to find cutting edge foods. From professional chefs to home cooks to food writers, farmers' markets are now the destination to find the most high-quality, diverse, and exciting vegetables, fruits, meats and cheeses. But this diversity can be confusing. This cookbook is designed to help consumers navigate through newly discovered foods.

"Even though I’ve been cooking all my life and have a collection of literally hundreds of cookbooks,

using the cookbook has gotten our whole family even more invested in participating in the CSA program…

It’s like a 'how to' manual for being a CSA member…

What to do when it’s just me and that box in the kitchen at dinnertime."

CSA Cookbooks proudly publishes its books entirely in the USA.